This is a housing related education program in which participants complete (12) twelve course hours. Educational material is provided. Licensed instructors explain each process and answer your questions. You must have a credit score of 600 or above to register. If your scores are below 600 you need to register for Financial Fitness Classes to work on your credit. You also need to meet the income and household size guidelines in order to access any down payment assistance grant funding. Please Click Here for Program Guidelines (Down Payment Assistance Programs – Family Resources of New Orleans )

Upon completion of the sessions, completion letters are awarded.

To register, please visit the links labeled Step 1 – Step 5 (Complete all Steps) below:

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Step 3:  Complete Survey

Step 4:  Please email us for registration payment instructions.

Step 5: Download Registration Checklist 

Stop!!! You Must complete all of the registration steps in order to complete the registration process. By clicking on Step 1, you will be automatically guided through all of the forms necessary to complete registration. 

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